Project idea: Portable 3D scanner.

Well recently I have been looking at 3D scanners? This has mad me decide to give it a go and build my own design. A 3D representation of what the device will look like is shown below.


3D scanner model

The device uses a laser line purchased from eBay, a stepper motor and a mobile phone with a built in camera. The laser line is set a known distance from the object to be scanned, the camera records the deflection of the laser as the object is rotated by the stepper motor.bThe laser beam is at a 45 degree to the vision of the camera. The centre of the camera is used to see how much deflection from this point, which gives us the depth and shape of the object for mapping.

Stay tuned folks as I will be posting my successes with this project along with my failures.

Here is an example of how the beam is defected when projected on an object.

Projected laser example.



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Logic3 power sleeve active USB hub hack

Well since playing with android devices I quickly became aware that I required a powered USB hub to play with USB devices using the OTG cable I got from eBay.

While looking around for a suitable hub, I found an old passive USB hub(an old Christmas present). Now came the problem of converting it to a active USB hub, after contemplating building a 5v battery powered supply I came up with idea of using my logic3 iPhone 4 power sleeve as this outputs 5v to charge the iPhone.

Here is the outcome of the little project.





Finished unit works, but unless the iPhone is connected and charging,the output to the USB hub is terminated after a few seconds. If any one knows how I can trick the power sleeve into thinking the iPhone is still connected and charging please comment below.


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Using new app to post.

I’ve decided to try another app to post to my site . The app in question is Blogsy!

So far it looks great. I will let you know how I get on with it.






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The new ipad

Well now the new iPad has been released with the retina display, can see this being the new weapon of chose by the the media industry.

Maybe another trend and benchmark, set by apple that android manufacturers will attempt to replicate.

Have heard people slating the dual core CPU, but until developers make use of multicores on these devices there is no need to increase the core count! It’s not meant as a computer replacement but is used to compliment a main computer.


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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all that visit my site. Here is to a great new year.


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Here are some pictures a friend of mine took using Hipstamatic app for the iPhone. I like the look of these, so I thought I’d share it on the Web. Well done Chris Collins.




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The streets of Soriano nel Cimino

A very pleasant and quiet town in Italy. Wish I could go back there with my Fuji HS10, the area is very photogenic. This picture was taken in the residential area of the town with my old Nokia N95.


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PCB from a pacemaker

Had to show this unique PCB, it was removed from an external pace maker. It is unusual as the components are mounted vertical between two boards in an effort to save on space. Thought I’d share this with the world, because I can :-) I think you have to be an engineer to appreciate it.


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What glorious night. Atmosphere is electric!


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The land of kinder

Coming to a desk near you ! :-)


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